Outline of Fukuyama University

History of Fukuyama University

Fukuyama University was founded on new ideals and concepts in 1975 by Mr. Shigeru Miyachi, the current chancellor who was formerly director of the Bureau of Higher Education and Science of the Minister of Education Science, Sports and Culture in Japan. Fukuyama University is now a comprehensive institution of higher education and research with 240 faculty members and a student body of some 5,500.
Instruction is given in the Faculties of Economics, Engineering, and Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences representing respectively social, physical and medical science. These are further divided into 12 Departments. Inter and Multidisciplinary research and education are being sought throughout and across the activities of the university as presently organized. Liberal Arts courses are included.

The Motto of Fukuyama University

"Character Realization Through the Fostering of Pragmatic Capabilities" is the motto which symbolizes the basic philosophy of the University. The aim of education is to produce well rounded, refined and humanitarian individuals with expert qualifications and international quality who are ready to contribute to the peace and well-being of the world. Specialization is, of course, being here pursued: Graduate courses have been instituted in three schools.

International exchange

The University has established agreements for mutual faculty & student exchange with University of California, Riverside, U. S. A. and also the University of Queensland, Australia. Wide varieties of contributions to cultural, social and industrial development of the local community through research, information and knowledge in the University and its Institution have been much appreciated. Extension programs are held annually. Professors and students are willing to participate in and help with the various social and cultural activities of the community.

Location of Fukuyama University

Fukuyama City in which the University is located is the core city of the Bingo District; the southeastern region of Hiroshima Prefecture. The population of the city is about 380,000. Originally, it enjoyed its prosperity as a castle town built in the Edo period dating back some 350 years. The municipal administration started in 1916; the first step forward to a modern city. Having overcome the damage caused by World War II, it continued to grow. Today it is one of the largest cities on the Seto Inland Sea, where heavy industries and local industries prosper. As the 21st century approaches, urban development is being promoted with the slogan Fukuyama City of Humanfriendly Environments." Fukuyama region is graced with a mild climate in all seasons and abundant, beautiful nature facing the Seto Inland Sea National Park. So it is a quite exciting and suitable place for students to live and pursue their studies.Fukuyama University is situated on the western fringe of the city, and Both located in wonderful nature settings.