Graduate School of Engineering MECHANICAL ENGINEEERING

The master's degree program is composed of a general curriculum of prescibed courses. Students are required to study individually under the direction of a professor and present the results of their research at conferences. On successful completion of a master's thesis and required examinations, a student is granted a degree of Master of Engineering.

Master's Programs (two year period)

  1. Design and Production Engineering
    Advanced Cutting Process Engineering, Precision Machining Technology, Advanced Machine Design, Advanced Machine Elements, Advanced Tribology
  2. Mechanical Properties of Engineering Materials
    Advanced Strength and Fracture of Engineering Materials, Advanced Strength of Materials, Advanced Material Applications, Advanced Material Science for Machine
  3. Thermofluid Engineering
    Hypersonic Aerodynamics, Advanced Heat Trasfer, Advanced Fluid Mechanics, Advanced Thermal Engineering
  4. Mechanical System Engineering
    Advanced Control Engineering, Advanced Control System Design, Developments in Fluid Energy Systems