Graduate School of Engineering


The Department of Architecture and Architectural systems which is divided into field of special studies, are for those who intend to continue their speciality studies after graduation from a faculty.
The Master of Engineering degree is conferred upon students who, under the supervision and advices of academic members, have fulfilled the requirements of two academic years of graduate study, have completed at least 30 credits in his/her major field, and have submitted and successfully defended the thesis.

Master's Programs (two year period)

  1. Architectural Planning
    Architectural Planning, Architectural Management, Regional Infrastructure systems, Psychology of Architectural Design
  2. Architectural Design and Theory
    Architectural Design, Architcture Environmental Design, Architectural History and Theory, Composition and Form in Architecture
  3. Architectural Environmental Systems Engineering
    Architectural Environmental Engineering, Building Equipment, Environmental Control in Architecture, Regional Environmental Planning
  4. Architectural Structural Systems Engineering
    Architectural Structural Engineering, Structural Mechanics and Analysis, Space-Structural Analysis, Architectural Structural Planning
  5. Architectural Construction Systems Engineering
    Architectural Material Engineering, Architectural Construction Systems, Soil Mechanics and Engineeering, Earthquake Resistant Structural Engineering