Students in the doctoral program carry out their studies and research individually under the supervision of a professor. The research work must add original contribution to scientific knowledge and be accepted internationally.
Doctoral candidates must present the results of their research at conferences and symposiums, and publish in scientific journals. A degeree of Doctor of Engineering is granted when a candidate passes required examinations and the doctoral dissertation is accepted.

Doctral Programs (three year period)

  1. Image Information Technology
    Image Processing Engineering, Geometry Recognition Engineering, Advanced Computer Graphics, Remote Sensing
  2. Computational Electromagnetics
    Numerical Analysis of Three Dimensional Field, Fundamental of the Computer Simulation of Three Dimensional Field, Applied Computer Simulation of Three Dimensional Field
  3. Wave Signal Processing Technology
    Optical Information Transmission Circuit, Very High Frequency Circuit, Signal Processing
  4. Applied Electronics
    Applied Magnetohydrodynamics, Applied Plasma Engineering, Electromagnetic Compatibility